The Middlesex County Improvement Authority successfully issued $5,505,000 County Guaranteed Parking Revenue Bonds, Series 2022 (Carteret Parking Project) dated May 18, 2022. The Bonds are direct and special obligations of the Authority payable solely from revenues, which are secured by a lien on the pledged property under the General Bond Resolution. The Bonds are further secured by a full, irrevocable and unconditional guaranty of the County of Middlesex to pay, when due, the principal of and interest on the Bonds. NW Capital Markets Inc. purchased the Bonds. S&P Global Ratings assigned the Bonds a credit rating of “AAA” (stable outlook). The Bonds have a true interest cost of 4.1478% and finally mature on December 15, 2052. JP Capizzi served as Bond Counsel to the Authority in this financing.